Boot Hockey & Knee Hockey

Sign Up Your Team Now!

Let's play hockey! Online sign up is closed. Please email us if you wish to join late. (depending on how many weeks in we are and if there is room)

Wednesday - 4 player Boot Hockey, Thursday - 4 player Boot Hockey.

Here are a few rules. 
-Must wear a helmet (must bring your own)
-No fighting or checking
-We will use tennis balls
-Boots with no spikes
-Every team member will sign a waiver
-Two 20 min periods with 10 minute break
-Goalies can wear what they want BUT we would suggest covering whatever you don’t want hit with a frozen foam pucks
-Women are absolutely welcome to play
-4 People per team (unless otherwise specified)

-Must bring your own hockey stick

-You cannot swap league days

-Knee Hockey is played 3 on 3 with knee hockey nets

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