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First Ever Dodgeball League

Sign Your Team Up!

Maple Tavern is excited to offer our fall dodgeball league!

It will begin on August 31st REGISTRATION IS DUE ON AUGUST 27TH . Fall season will be 5 weeks and will include 1 week of playoffs! Each team must be paid in full ($125 per team) and registered to play. Each team needs at least 6 players (any mix of guys and gals). Sign up with the link below and email with questions!

Dodgeball Registration



  1. Play will be 6 on 6.  A minimum of 5 players are required to start the game.

  2. No substitution will be allowed once a game has started unless an injury occurs.   Teams can substitute players between games.

  3. 30 minute time limit. The team with the most wins within the 30 minutes, wins the match.

  4. Forfeit policy: 5 minute grace period after game’s scheduled time.  The team will forfeit the first game. After 10 minutes, the team will forfeit the match.

  5. Teams will switch sides after each game.



  1. Starting the game. Each team starts with 1 ball.  Two balls will be placed in the center of the court.

  2. Each member of both teams, must start the game with one hand on the net.   When the ref says “Go” teams can run to get the two balls in the middle of the court.  The players who have one ball per team, may not throw that ball until the two balls are picked up in the middle. 

  3. The team that has the last player standing, wins the game. 

Eliminating players

 A player is out if:

  1. They throw a ball that is caught by the other team

  2. They get hit by a ball directly thrown by the other team (if a ball hits the net or bounces, the player is not out).

  3. If a player throws the ball, reflects off a player of opposing team and a different player catches the ball on the opposing team, the player is out.

  4. Players can use the ball to block, however, if the ball is knocked out of that players hand, the player is out.

  5. No body part can touch or cross the center line.  That player will be declared out and the ball goes to the opposing team.

  6. No hits above the shoulder is allowed. If this happens, the player who gets hit, can stay in and is not rules out.

  7. If a player continues to hit opponents above the shoulder, that player will sit out the rest of the match.  

  8. If a player’s team catches a ball, they may have one player reenter.  


Misc Rules

  1. A player may not hold the ball for more than 10 seconds.  If a player holds a ball, the ref will blow their whistle and that ball goes to the other team.

  2. Players are expected to be honest and take themselves out for that game.   

  3. Refs are human and make mistakes. If a ref has an issue with a player, they maybe asked to leave the game. 

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