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Looking for somewhere to host your next event? Great for corporate events, wedding receptions, sports banquets, and more! Contact us to schedule a tour or get a quote.

*Menus are subject to change.

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Catering Menu

Note: At this time we only cater events hosted in our banquet hall. UPDATED: August 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the layout of the room?
    We do have a generic layout that can be provided. You can customize your table arrangement.
  • Are decorations included?
    Decorations are not included in the free room rental. You are able to bring in your own centerpieces.
  • Can I decorate the ceiling myself?
    Our ceiling is made of a special material, so for this reason and our sprinkler system unfortunately the ceiling cannot be decorated.
  • What type of floor is in the room?
    We have tile throughout the banquet hall and the restrooms.
  • Does the dance floor stay open or do you move tables for the dance?
    With 150 guests or fewer, we leave the dance floor open for the dance for the ease of guests.
  • Are there any windows?
    There are no windows in the banquet hall, besides the banquet ramp. This allows for a more intimate feeling to the room with no distractions.
  • Is there a door to exit and enter from in the basement?
    We have a separate banquet entrance away from the restaurant that your guests will use.
  • Are there bathrooms in the banquet room?
    We have a men’s, women’s and a handicapped bathroom in our banquet hall.
  • Is there a handicap stall and handicap entrance?
    In our hall we have an actual handicap bathroom and entrance!
  • What is the minimum amount I need to spend to reserve the room for free?
    Friday and Saturday deposit is $500 and the room/food minimum is $2,000. Sunday through Thursday requires a $250 deposit and $1,000 room/food minimum. This balance can be met via food and rentals. Contact our banquet coordinator with questions.
  • What goes toward my minimum? (down payment, food, bartender, table settings, linens)
    Your down payment comes off the final bill, pre-ordered food goes towards meeting your minimum. There are no other fees besides the linens and the bartender.
  • Do I have to put out my own decorations and light my own candles?
    If you choose to bring in decorations, you must take care of them and be responsible of them yourself (light them, etc.). For $1 a table, we can light your candles, but you are more than welcome to light them yourself.
  • When do I have to take home my decorations?
    We ask that you grab your decorations the night of your event, for many times we have an event the next day. If we don’t have an event the next day, we ask that you get your decorations by noon the following day or we will assume the become property of Maple Tavern.
  • When can I get into the room to decorate?
    We allow you to decorate as early as 9am the day of your event. You need to specify what time you would like to decorate so someone is there prior to 11am.
  • How late can we keep the room open?
    You can choose what time you would like to end your event by. Our downstairs bar closes at midnight. Guests are more than welcome to go upstairs after midnight closing to get drinks.
  • Do we need to pay for security?
    We do not require security for most of our events. Security is available for you to hire if you choose at $100 per guard for the night.
  • What decorations are prohibited?
    We allow most decorations, with the exception of glitter, bubbles, tape on the walls and confetti! If any of these are used there will be a $150 cleanup charge.
  • Are tables included or do I need to rent each table?
    Tables are included with the rental of the Maple Tavern Banquet Hall.
  • What shape are the tables?
    We have both round tables and rectangle tables. You choose the amount of each you need. This is usually determined 10 days before your event, with the guest count.
  • How many does each table seat?
    Our round tables seat 8 and our rectangle tables seat 6.
  • Are table cloths included or can they be rented?
    Black table clothes are included. Other table cloth colors are $4 per table. (Colored napkins are an additional cost). We have black chair cover’s available for $2 per chair.
  • Are the linens cloth or plastic?
    The table linens are cloth.
  • What colors are available?
    Our table linens are black and you can choose the color of your napkin linen (from a wide assortment that we have).
  • If extra tables are available how much to rent each table?
    Extra tables are included at no extra charge (besides the linens).
  • Is table skirting available?
    Table skirting is available for all events. It is $10 per table for white and complimentary for weddings in black.
  • How much is each table setting?
    Table settings are included with the purchase of food. Each food item has its own setting.
  • What does each setting include?
    Our table settings include a plate, fork, salad fork (if platted salads), knife, spoon (if needed).
  • Are the glasses glass or plastic?
    Our table settings for weddings can include glass cups on the tables. We customize each wedding and event per person. We do use plastic, when drinks are served from the bar.
  • Are napkins included in the table setting, or can they be rented?
    The napkins are included in the $4 per table charge.
  • Are the napkins cloth or paper?
    Our napkins are cloth, just like our table linens.
  • What are the color options of the napkins if provided/available for rent?
    We have an assortment of colors to choose from.
  • Are chairs included or can they be rented?
    Our chairs are included for free in the room rental.
  • What kind of chairs are available?
    Our chairs are stationary.
  • What color are the chairs?
    Our chairs are black.
  • Are chair covers available?
    We have black chair covers for $2 per chair. We do allow you to bring your own chair covers.
  • Can we bring in our own chair covers?
    You are welcome to bring in your own chair covers.
  • What are my options for food?
    The menus are at under banquets.
  • Can I mix and match between appetizers and food, etc.?
    Yes, you can mix and match all of our appetizers.
  • Is the food served buffet style of plated?
    We offer buffet style available to meet your needs. Please note that buffet does not mean all you can eat. It means that we will guarantee your provided guest count 10 days prior will get to go through the line once.
  • Do you provide the servers or do I need to provide them?
    We provide all staff needed to make your event successful.
  • Do you have taste test options?
    After we receive a deposit for your wedding, we can set up a complimentary tasting for 2 people 3 months before the event.
  • Am I required to use a dessert from your menu?
    You are allowed to bring in your own wedding cake or cupcakes from a certified baker. You are not required to purchase a dessert from us, although they are extremely delicious!
  • May I bring my own cakes?
    Yes, we don’t specialize in wedding cakes, so you are encouraged to bring in one if you choose. You MUST bring in your own paper plates, plastic forks, a knife to cut the cake AND cut it yourself.
  • Can I bring in my own food?
    We pride ourselves in our amazing food and for this reason and health code reasons; we do not allow you to bring in your own food.
  • Do you have a Kid’s menu?
    We do have the option of doing a kid’s menu! It is $8 per child.
  • If there is something I don’t see on the menu, can I custom pick something?"
    You are more than welcome to choose something that isn’t on the menu and we can custom price it for you to have!
  • When do I have to choose what menu option I would like?
    We specially order our banquet items and for this reason, we need your final menu items 10 days prior to your event.
  • Do I have to have a guest count?
    In order to better serve your guests, you do need to have an exact guest count 10 days prior to your event, unless you choose to do appetizers.
  • What if all of my guests don’t show up?
    Unfortunately this does happen, however your count 10 days prior to the event is what we prepare for.
  • Can I take home my leftover food if we have some?
    We do not allow you to take home leftover food. We try to prepare a little more than your guest count to assure everyone gets food, so this may be why there is left over food.
  • If more people show up for my event, will they get fed?"
    In the chance that more people show up for the event than reserved we will feed these guests at menu cost + $2 per guest. We can’t guarantee that their food will be the same menu item or that it will be out with the rest of the food, but be assured they will get fed!
  • Can I have my guest choose what they would like?
    This is very common with groom’s dinners and plated weddings. Your guests can choose from menu items, as long as you get their orders within the 10 day order mark. So you will need to let us know how many of each food item we need.
  • Can they just order that day?
    Some events we allow them to order the day of (groom’s dinners, etc.), but it must be off of our regular menu and the menu must be set 10 days prior.
  • What is the cost of your bartender?
    We include one bartender per wedding or event. If you want an additional bartender they are available at $75 per bartender for the evening. If you have more than 150 guests we will recommend you to have 2 bartenders.
  • What type of bar do you provide?
    We have a full bar (can be cash or hosted) downstairs and can set it up just like you want it!
  • Am I able to have free soft drinks all night, and cash bar for alcohol drinks?
    Having free soft drinks is a popular option and it is $1 per person for pop, no matter how many people choose to have it.
  • Can I have a custom drink specific for the night?
    We can have a custom drink provided for the night. Each drink will be specially priced for you!
  • Can I purchase a keg?
    Michelob Golden and Bud Light kegs are available for $325 per keg. Other kegs can be ordered - prices may vary.
  • Do I have to pre-order kegs?
    If you are going to purchase kegs, we require you to purchase at least one prior to the event. If you choose to order another one at the event, we must have a credit card on file before handing out cups.
  • Can I offer coffee to my guests?
    You may offer coffee to your guests and coffee is available at $30 for the night.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    We require a $500 deposit for Friday and Saturday events next year and $250 for Sunday-Thursday. This is non-refundable and will come off your final bill.
  • When is the next payment due?
    We require payment 7 days prior to an event.
  • What type of payment do you except?
    We except cash, major credit cards & checks. All checks must be cleared 7 days before an event and there will be a $30 fee for all returned checks.
  • Can I have my ceremony at Maple Tavern?
    Although we don’t have an outside space for the ceremony, we can hold ceremonies inside our Banquet hall. There is an extra fee for moving tables and chairs for the ceremony.
  • What information do you need to know before my wedding?
    The only information Maple Tavern needs is the following: 1) What would you like your table layout to be (to be finalized 10 days before event)? 2) What is your guest count (10 days prior)? 3) What is your menu choice(s) (10 days prior)? 4) What color napkin linens would you like? 5) How many bartenders you would like? 6) What type of bar you would like to offer? 7) If Maple Tavern is providing any decorations (chair covers, ceiling draping, etc.) (14 days prior) 8) What time guests are arriving? 9) What time you would like your food out? 10) What time guests are leaving? That is it!
  • Do you have specific vendors I must use?
    You are welcome to have any vendor you choose. We do have many recommended vendors at your request to suggest!
  • Do you have a microphone that we can use?
    We do have a microphone available for your use.
  • Do you have a projector?
    Yes. You need a computer to hook into the projector. We have certain cables but can’t guarantee the correct cable.
  • Do you have tvs?
    Yes we have TVs in the hall that can play cable as well as slide shows!
  • Can we play a slideshow?
    Yes. It MUST be on a DVD. It will be played in a DVD player and goes on all the tvs. You CAN NOT use a computer to play it on the tvs. This will just play it on the projector.
  • Do you have a sound system?
    Yes. We have the capability to plug in an ipod or phone (additional adapter may be needed) via 1/8 inch audio cord (headphone jack).
  • Can you play my music?
    If you want to your music can be on an iphone.
  • Can my dj or band hook into your system?
    No. We do not have the ability for a band or dj hook in. They must bring their own in.

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Our banquet menu is subject to change based on availability and pricing from our vendors and distributers. 

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